COLR™ Technology

COLR™ Technology is changing the way color is created. Only COLR™ Technology creates brilliant, iridescent, tunable structural color using a simple magnetic field.

COLR™ Technology is based on a breakthrough discovery by Dr. Yadong Yin in 2007. He devised a simple, inexpensive method to synthesize precisely agglomerated Colloidal Nanocrystal Clusters (CNC) out of iron oxide. The resulting CNC are superparamagnetic, highly stable, highly responsive to a magnetic field and can be easily engineered/coated for compatibility across a wide array of carrier medium.

To achieve tunability, the CNC are placed in a carrier medium. The coating on the CNC creates a repulsive force, keeping the CNC dispersed in the carrier medium. When a magnetic field is applied the attractive force balances with the repulsive force of the CNC, forcing the CNC to self-align into a lattice-like structure. UV, Visible and IR wavelengths can be refracted instantaneously by adjusting the strength of the magnetic field; brilliant, iridescent colors seem to appear "out of nowhere".

Current forms of manmade structural color are produced using low yield, time-consuming processes that result in an expensive end product with limited versatility.

COLR™ Technology is produced using common synthesis processes utilizing low cost raw materials. The CNC can be engineered to be compatible with aqueous formulations, polar & non-polar solvents, and UV curable systems.