COLR™ Technology is changing the way color is created.
Only COLR™ Technology creates brilliant, iridescent,
tunable structural color using a simple magnetic field.
COLR When a magnetic field is applied to COLR™ Technology, individual particles self-assemble to form a microscopic, lattice-like structure which diffracts specific wavelengths of light. Adjusting the strength of the magnetic field tunes the color to display brilliant, iridescent colors across the entire visible spectrum and beyond.

The particles behind COLR™ Technology are iron oxide superparamagnetic Colloidal Nanocrystal Clusters (CNC) created using a simple, but very specific, wet synthesis process. The result is tunable structural color technology that can be manufactured using standard, off-the-shelf equipment and common, inexpensive raw materials.

With a reflectivity greater than 60%, COLR™ Technology represents
unlimited potential in the application of inks, paints and plastics for: